A journey in Stockholm with Atriolis shoes

November 2018 

Sweden is a small country, but it is worth discovering its charms. Our shoes Montana made us travel in the Swedish capital for a few days.

The weather was a little cold but we had warm cloths and shoes (!) to walk around! It was too early to see snow and freezing lakes, but the trees were full of beautiful shades of red and yellow. Don’t wander too long at this period of the year because twilight arrives at 3p.m. !

For a first visit, don’t miss Gamla Stan, the city center. The streets are paved and many people gather here. This is the ideal place to see some typical Swedish houses with various colors. One side of the place is occupied by the Nobel Price Museum. Take a look at it – if you are lucky enough, you can enter for free! We really enjoyed learning about all the famous people who were awarded.

In the evening – as said, it arrives soon – the Swedish have early diner. We tasted the typical kanelbulle, a cinnamon cake that you can find almost everywhere.

The day after, we visited the royal palace. Many rooms and galleries are highly decorated, and we can see a great collection of costumes and armors belonging to the royal family. The current kings don’t live there anymore, because of the location, right in the city center. They moved to Drottningholm, a big palace that you can easily reach in public transport. Take a walk in the gardens if you hope to see the royal family!

You can continue your discovery along the quays. Water is everywhere in the city, and we went sometimes without noticing from one island to another! Don’t miss the Vasa Museum, where you will see a giant vessel of 700tons which sunk in 1628 after only a few miles. The vessel was refloated in 1961 almost untouched. The wrack is really impressive and can be seen from all sides!

To finish, have an overlook of all the town by going up in the City Hall. The view does really worth it.

We hope this short writing will make you want to visit Stockholm!